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April 05, 2008


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Ummm, I'm trying to figure out what part of this is embarrassing? Those pictures, to me, are what the practical side of HDR is all about -- bringing out the details that would be lost using ordinary methods. I think they are great efforts and more closely resemble what the eye sees. Keep up the great work. I can't believe you can do this handheld. Are you going to be able to turn that camera back to Canon?

Scott Sherman

Wow - thanks for the comments, Joe. I've seen so many unbelievable examples of HDR, that I thought my own were kind of weak, but I'm glad you liked them. That was really nice of you to say.

I really don't want to return the Mark III, but if I don't, they'll never send me the Mark IV to play with, will they? Smile.


I think these HDR's work for the simple reason that my first thought - even knowing that they were prototype HDRs - wasn't "Oh, lookee, heavily-Photoshopped HDRs."

To my mind, that's the biggest weakness of 90% of all the HDR images I've seen thus far; they postively *scream* HDR. Phoney, oversaturated colors, insanely flat tonal curves, weird, sculpted edges. Bleagh.

Randy Girouard

I like the conversions. Great job Scott. Keep up the good work.

Mary G


Love your HDR...especially the playground. I am also toying with HDR and took Ben Wilmore's Xtrain course, which was great. Having a good time with it. Keep on shooting, Sport.

Jen Weaver

I think you did well for a first time.

It's all about the multiple exposures and the just playing with the slides in photomatrix until you've tweaked them how you like best. The look is up to you and your taste.

I got hooked on HDR back in the fall and I'm in love. If you'd like to take a look I'll include a link to my HDR Gallery to show you some of my work (most are true HDR and some are just 1 RAW file tonemapped in Photomatrix):




Those are gorgeous, and if you had not told me they were HDR images, I would not have known. I would have simply thought that they were stunning landscapes, and wondered, as always, why mine do not look like that!

I will confess, I like all style of HDR images. Those like Jen's and I love the over-processed look too. For instance, I love this guy's HDR photo blog:

Scott: I bought Bracketeer because I am too poor to afford Photomatix. I am too poor because I am shelling out money for products you talk about on your podcast. (Just bought DFine 2) I am glad your show is down right now. Maybe today I will have some money to buy a coffee at Starbucks!

Jen Weaver

Thanks so much for your comments Landya. I appreciate the compliments!


I've done plenty of HDRs and mine are much more embarassing than yours. In fact, I'm trying to learn to tone mine down (yes, I'm the one making those screaming HDRs) to appear more realistic... just like yours.

I've taken Ben's xtrain class and it is excellent. Ben really likes to take it to the photo-illustration end of the tonemapping scale but my images fall somewhere between Ben and you.


Well I thought the URL would appear in the comment. Here are my embarassing HDR images:


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That is bad news indeed. Ever since I heard this camera would have 22+ megapixels, I pretty much counted it out. I do not need that many and all it would do is slow everything down...much like you guys talked about on the show the other day.

What REALLY caught my eye with this one, and something that Canon 5D and Nikon D700 simply fall WAY short on is the viewfinder. This Sony has 100% coverage (plus other really great viewfinder specs). Yikes! Only the full-sized professional Canons and Nikons pull that off. That alone makes me want this. I could deal with big file sizes, but this slowness is a real problem.

We look at everything else, but why do folks these days never even think or talk about how big that viewfinder is? That is so mucho important!

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