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April 04, 2008


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Glenn Heino Boca Raton, FL

I can relate to your feelings for these high end Canon cameras. I recently had the good fortune to get my hands on the 1Ds Mk III and it was Love at 1st sight. I could not put it down. It performs flawlessly in all conditions. I had perfect focus in a very dark setting instantly. I have owned the 10D, 20D, and 5D but this is by far the best camera anyone could ask for. Did I choke at the $8,000 price tag? Yes! But I must admit, I'd buy it again if I had to. I hope I don't lose or break this camera because another 8K will be painful.


An interesting read Scott - my only nit pick is that the 24-70mm is not a prime lens???

Was there nothing you didn't like about the camera?

Rich Talbot / Allstar Electronics

Canon is building it's new World Hdqrtrs out here on Long Isld. Maybe you and I can go to the Open House and Score a Mark III.
Like the Beach Boys Song "Would'nt It Be Nice " I guess you Loved it ! DUHHHHHHHH !

wayne Fanning


I've been listening to the show since the beginning.
We have a very large production studio and I think you would probably enjoy talking with me. We have a lot we could share especially on the I-Tunes issues. We are serious Mac Heads.
I've listened to your comments on the Nikon and your recent experience with the D3. I own Two 40D's a 5D
and a Mark 111. I'm kinda feeling like Nikon just kicked butt and took names and there's specific questions I'd like to get with you on if you could see your way clear to call me or share a phone number I could call you at if your willing. I really feel Canon has done a poor Job on the Mark 111. It's kind of there but I've got headline news for everybody, the focus is still an issue. Over all my 40D still tracks more accurately than my Mark and it's been sent back twice. Last weekend I did a shoot for " Pinks" in Gainesville Florida, I'm sure your familar with the TV show. As the cars hit speeds of 170 plus I was constantly firing burst and in each pass only 3/4 of the shots were sharp, none of which I would call Tac sharp. Now I'am super super picky and for the investment and what I promise the client I should be. I never want to be in the a posistion where i have to apologize to my client.
This was with 70 to 200mm 2.8L Glass. ISO had to be bumped a bit to 400 to get the shutter and depth of field usable. Lost about a stop and a half due to polorizer to make the colors of the cars pop and tune out the sheen on the windshields. At any rate
I just never really get excited about the quality and look on these Canon's. I'm 55 and Nikon back in the 70's and 80's was the bomb diggity!
It's kind of like having the right guitar and amp.
You just know when you've got that right sound, that tube crunch, sustain etc. I just never really get excited about the look of the Canon and I've been in Broadcasting and Photography since the 60's and I still can't put my finger on it. So before I dump a bunch of gear and glass and take a serious chance would you mind talking with a very serious and loyal listner and let me pick your brain?
I'd really appreciate it !!!
Here's my number, cell 904-813-8389
or the studio, 904-724-1328.

Warm Regards,
Wayne Fanning

Scott Sherman

Wayne - I appreciate your feedback, but I have a very different impression of the Mark III. I, too, have a 40D, and I feel the Mark III is faster, more responsive, more intuitive, better-focusing, superior in low light, less noisy...well, the list could go on and on. The shots are gorgeous, too.

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