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May 27, 2008


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A.J. Pomales

Hey, Scott..

Must say I am a fan of your podcast... Listen to every show...
Which is where I heard of the above referenced "Good Deal" on a Norcent point-n-shoot. I am a DSLR Canon user, who just wanted a basic pocket camera I could keep with me at all times for for when I was not slinging around my 20D. Well, I bought this camera (w/ a additional 4gd card), partially due to all the good recommendations I read on it, and to be honest the price didn't scare me away either :) IT was hard to believe, but I went mostly on recommendation this time (bad move)... Well, it just goes to show, at least to me, that "You get what you pay for" as I found this to pretty much be the worst point-n-click I have used having used/owned a variety over the years, mostly Olympus, Canon, etc.). The functionality was very poor, the auto focus just never seemed to be able to get a good fix (in good light or failing), even on high-quality image setting the images always looked a bit soft, manual mode (dont ask), and if an image was in focus it was over contrasty, basically unusable even for fun. I played with the camera's setting at length (here again the utility was pretty low quality). Even bought a 4gb card since I expected to have this camera for a while, but I AM SENDING IT BACK... has been giving me the runaround, but they are getting it back even if I have to pay them just to keep it ;-) Anyhow, this has been a very poor experience, and I guess my only question to you was, did you honestly have a chance to use this camera before you recommended it, or was it just a word of mouth thing?

Keep doing a great job with the podcast (not so much the product endorsements, lol) j/k

Good things,

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