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August 02, 2008


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Cooper Strange

Being a long time resident of China, carrying my camera around just about everywhere, and even talking at length with police about how to take "civilized" pictures, I too really wonder what these regulations are going to mean, practically. See, from my perspective (though everybody tries to figure out China), this sounds like another of their many strange laws that might or might not be enforced. If they needed to get rid of your camera for any reason, though, they can apply the vague regulation any way they like.


Maybe its not sinister and its just about making sure that everyone gets to see the games without worrying about the photo enthusiast next to them swinging a 400mm L series in their face.

BTW - the internet is censored for everybody in China not just journalists.

BTW pt 2 - the cops/security/army are very polite and courteous in China if you follow the rules.

Paul Ely

It would appear that Cnet got this wrong. I've been watching the events on TV and have seen quite a few spectators using DSLR's. Most with what appear to be 28-300 zooms. The only monster lenses that I have seen are attached to people with press credentials so maybe the Chinese just don't want the monster lenses getting in the way of any spectators views of the games.


In germany you are not allowed to bring your professional camera equipment to a footbal(soccer) game in some stadiums.

It depends on the home team and the security guard, but i wouldn't take the risk to leave the cam outside.
It's all about the money. The teams and the league want to protect their rights. They don't want amateurs to to take unlicensed images. It's the same with concerts for example.
And i guess it's the same with the olympics.

What i wonder is, is it really possible in the US to bring your 1DMkIII and a 400 2.8 lens to any MBL,NFL or NBA game? Or a rolling stones concert?


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