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August 17, 2008


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Hey Scott I heard you saying on the show you think there's no market for the new micro4/3 system.I agree on the fact that no viewfinder is a major drawback. However I find myself waiting for the perfect compact camera that I can take with me every day. My DSLR is just too chunky for daily commuting trips. I've considered getting a G9 more than once but was never able to swallow the price tag :) So I guess I would definitely consider a compact SLR system, if it turns out to have good low-light capabilities and decent 'pocketability'. Just wanted to share my expectations :)
Oh by the way, Canon is gonna present at/before PhotoKina 2 new high-end compacts that will replace the G9 (which is now discontinued)!! Waiting for those and the new Nikon P6000 as well!


Well, since I posted some forecasts on the new compact Canons, I might as well share some on the SLR market.
Word is out we're going 2 see two new SLRs at Photokina that will fall between the 40D and the 1D. Both full frame.
Life will tell :)


Thanks for another great show!
As for Lightroom 2.0 you are lucky to live in US. I was planning to order it after trying the beta. The US price is 299 dollars, but in Finland the download price (for the same English version as in US) is 304 Euros = 472 U.S. dollars!
Other people around the world has added comments to these blogs about this issue:

Is there ANY other sw company that has this discriminating pricing policy? Luckily it looks like it's only Adobe.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for mentioning my email regarding the Golden Shellback process. The technology was developed by the Northeast Maritime Institute. I am just replying because I don't want people to get the wrong impression that this technology is faked in anyway. Below is the link to the Engadget website regarding the Golden Shellback coating.

Scott one thing the devices aren't dropped in any gop but involves “applying the coating to your electronic device inside a vacuum, after which they're basically impervious to all liquids”. Find below the FAQ for the Goldenback website.

This technology if implemented into the digital camera world would have far reaching effects. Imagine your basic DSLR Canon/Nikon/Olympus/Pentax/Sony camera's becoming waterproof (maybe even weatherproof). This could reduce the cost of pro cameras because of the expensive gaskets and sealing required to protect them at present.

Thanks again Scott keep up the great work.


David Griffin

There is a market for people who like rangefinder cameras but who can't afford the M8 (which is already a smaller interchangeable digital camera by the way). I won't pay $5500 for an M8, but a Micro 4/3 camera with good creative control and interchangeable lenses (especially Leica lenses) might just be a bigger market than you think.


Scott: Wished I could have gotten into NYC for your meetup last night. However, family matters had to come first. Will you and/or Michael be back for Photo+Expo? Also, I'm surprised you haven't commented yet on the Canon 50D Chinese website that was accidentally opened up to the public yesterday. I really wanted a 40D but now I REALLY want the 50D!

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