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September 19, 2008


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I have been a 5D owner since pretty much it came out, and lately I've been getting more and more frustrated with the camera, and the lack of a descent replacement from Canon. I was so close to making the move to Nikon but this camera has renewed my faith in Canon. I can't wait to see some independent samples from it, but the few that are on Canon's (japan) site are amazing. Tiem to start saving


I do remember a while back when Rudy Winston was a guest on the show, you actualy asked him when the 5D markII would be coming out. A September surprise indeed.

Holly Sisson

While there are some great aspects to this new release, there is one very frustrating aspect that I personally know has disappointed a number of professional family photographers, myself included. According to images that I have seen of the new 5D MkII (dpreview or somewhere similar) they have not improved the placement of the focal points on this new version.

Scott, I don't know if you have ever held or used the 5D, but basically the focal points are in the same position as the X0D series, but with the larger full frame. What this gives you is the series of focal points tightly grouped around the centre of the frame. This does not allow for proper composition (i.e. rule of thirds) in camera without doing the focus/recompose trick. And if you shoot wide open, as I do (fastest lens is the 85 1.2) you can and will lose your focus by having to recompose. I have to say that among the photographers that I have discussed this camera with, we really feel that Canon has made a big mistake in this regard and has missed the boat with this new release. I hope, if/when you have Rudy Winston back on the show that you will specifically ask him about this very serious (IMO) shortcoming.

That and the still relatively slow fps are huge disappoints to me. However I will be very curious to see it's IQ, which may win out a number of photographers regardless of the above listed shortcomings. Time will tell.

Scott Sherman

I'm pretty psyched about this camera, too. Holly, I will ask Rudy about the placement of the focus points and how that impacts usability. I know that no camera can spread the focus points out to the edges of the frame...not even the highest end ones. It's a technical limitation that I don't understand but does exist.

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