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September 12, 2008


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Cooper Strange

That is bad news indeed. Ever since I heard this camera would have 22+ megapixels, I pretty much counted it out. I do not need that many and all it would do is slow everything down...much like you guys talked about on the show the other day.

What REALLY caught my eye with this one, and something that Canon 5D and Nikon D700 simply fall WAY short on is the viewfinder. This Sony has 100% coverage (plus other really great viewfinder specs). Yikes! Only the full-sized professional Canons and Nikons pull that off. That alone makes me want this. I could deal with big file sizes, but this slowness is a real problem.

We look at everything else, but why do folks these days never even think or talk about how big that viewfinder is? That is so mucho important!


Scott-I love Lori too! I think her review proves definitively, once and for all, that it is not just all about the megapixels. i remember how excited people when when Sony announced this camera, thinking it would represent a breakthrough. A lot of people have been very surprised at what a thud this camera has arrived with.

Truly, low light sensitivity/high ISO performance is going to represent the next marketing vehicle which the camera manufacturers ride. And, in my opinion, rightfully so.


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