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September 08, 2008


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I listened to this week's podcast and did not hear a Trivia Question for the Onone Saftware giveaway. I even listened to the podcast twice, and still didn't catch anything. How can I enter this contest?

Jim Gilliland

Good show with a lot of content. In fact I think a complete show with Nikon and Canon reps. on to discuss the full frame verses the DX or cropped frame sensor cameras. I have heard others with the same feeling as you have Scott and then others say no way will the crop sensors go away. I would like to hear first hand from Canon and Nikon.
The Onone software interview was very good. I agree that if time is worth anything it is far cheaper to buy a product like the ones sold by Onone than going through photoshop every time you need the effects they provide.
Keep up the good work.

Mike Wilkes

Just listening to the podcast. I hope you realize there are 2 reasons the camera manufacturers don't bring out an amazing 5-6 Megapixel P&S.

One, megapixel is an easy way to differentiate themself from the competition that everyone can 'understand' and compare on. It's the same as BHP for cars and MHz or cores is for CPUs. It may not make it any better for the user, but they can say 'mine's bigger than yours'.

The other reason is if they made a P&S too good, noone would buy all that expensive glass for their SLR ;)



Was listening to your show and you were commenting how you wouldn't recommend anyone buying a crop sensor DSLR because of the investment in lenses.

That argument is not valid when talking about Nikon. The full frame ready lenses work wonderfully on cameras like the D300/D90.

In fact I will argue a great strength of the Nikon system is that if you get 2 bodies - for instance a D300 & a D700 you have the best of both worlds. On the Full frame you get amazing wide angles, speed, ad noise characteristics and on the crop sensor you get the extra reach.


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I listened to this week's podcast and did not hear a Trivia Question for the Onone Saftware giveaway. I even listened to the podcast twice, and still didn't catch anything. How can I enter this contest?

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