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October 23, 2008


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Congrats guys, and I can't wait to hear about the new show.

Oh, and to get the word out on the new show, just get Scott Kelby on as a guest early on and he'll link to it in his blog. That will reach a lot of listeners, but I'm sure you though of that already.

Hubert Kay

Already voted for you there, will do so again every day until voting ends.

You probably know that over on TPN they quickly take down comments that referred people to your blog over here. I've left two such comments. The first stayed on for about 1 hr. The second for about 10 minutes.

Very effective censorship.


Count on it from this end as well...


Hey guys, consider maybe making a facebook and myspace page for your new podcast. It could be something to get the word out, and you don't necessarily need to keep it current, jut point folks in the right direction.
I agree with the Kelby comment. He was a friend of the program, maybe he could give you some plugs on his blog or on photoshop tv


You said: "we can no longer reach the supportive and enthusiastic community that formed around The Digital Photography Show." This is as incorrect a statement as you can make. On-line, anyone who wants to find out where you went can and will search for you and find you as I did.

Nothing is lost. There is no end. Nobody should be sad. In fact, I am happy that the new show will be without restrictions, and you will be freer than ever to do the show your way.

So don't mope. Celebrate! Soon they'll be back, and in a better situation than before.

Luke Larsson

I loved the show, so I voted for you. You guys are so great. Keep us informed with any news about a new show.

Alex Chaney

Scott & Michael,

Loved your show and am looking forward to your new release. There are a lot of us who will pass the word when you guys go back online.

You guys ROCK!!!

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