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October 23, 2008


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Scott R.

I have to agree the electronic viewfinder is a frown, but the camera looks so cool. The blue and the red to break up the drab black that is every dslr out there. I will be real curious how the performance is measured although. Maybie you can get a review model for the new show!!


No movie mode is what kills it for me. ISO to 800 looks usable. All else looked pretty good.

miklos solyom

Just 2 months ago nobody wanted HD video in a DSLR - but now, if you really need it, it is understandable to postpone your investment.

I think the G1 will be a great, small camera for people who don't need a full system and just like the compactness of it. (The 2 zoms offered with the G1 cover almost the entire general range for those users). But this camera can mean (and give) a lot for journalists/street photographers/enthusiasts. (Ok, only if noise at ISO 400-800 is not terrible, the focusing is reliable and fast and the image quality is very good. Otherwise a g10 might be a better buy as of now.)

Next year some great lenses are coming, like a pancake 20mm (40mm equivalent in 35mm film) lens. It is small and fast (f1,7). If (again) it performs well, you have a nice system with a good prime, plus you will be able to use Olympus Zuikos, too.

I think the idal would be a 5D mark II (with 2.8 L zooms) for serious works and a G1 with 20mm f1.7 just to carry every day. I'm waiting for the reviews and the samples.

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No movie mode is what kills it for me. ISO to 800 looks usable. All else looked pretty good.

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