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October 13, 2008


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I only found your great podcast a few weeks ago. We know your names, and we know how to use Google and itunes. We'll all find you again, and rather easily. I have no interest in any photography-related podcast that doesn't involve the both of you. What you created isn't gone. You just moved across the street. We'll be there when you crank up the new show.

Michael Cortina

Hey - DRAMA QUEENS - relax, no one is listening anymore. Your fans probably left you about eight months ago! Sorry but that's the truth. As far as your explanation, you have told us nothing. If you cannot tell the truth about your situation with TPN than your burying the lead and it's about time you stop BS' ing the listeners. Shame on both of you for not sacking up and be honest about your situation. These sappy apologies wouldn't be necessary if you allowed yourselves to just be who you are. You of all people should know that Scott!!! Stop censoring and just do the show. I hope you keep some of this in mind when preparing for the new show. You are photo enthusiasts and not broadcasters so just stop the attempt at formality and just speak to each other like 'normal human beings. That means you'll have to open up too Michael and stop letting Scott force out your responses.

I still listen guys - I'm not going away - I'll haunt you guys forever ...

Scott Sherman

Wow, Darrell, I can't imagine a better, more encouraging and nicer first comment than yours. Thanks, pal.


"If you build it, they will come." That's too bad they wouldn't let you officially sign off. Oh well, time to move on to greener pastures, and seeing the way they viewed your departure, look back on TPN as one of the cow patties in life. Looking forward to the new project guys! Keep us posted!


What Darrell said!
Looking forward very much to the new show, and hoping there's not too much attempt to expand, add features, upgrade, or otherwise depart from what really makes the show great: Scott and Michael talking to each other about digital photography. Best of luck,

Frank Slack

Is there any way you can post the last episode yourselves, perhaps from this site? Many listeners would download it....

Good luck with the new project,

Steven Hale

Count me as another one happy to see your show is continuing. All you need to do is leverage the blogosphere, and let the Kelby's, the Sammons and other great guests you've had on your show alert their readers that you have moved. You guys have a great show - best of luck!


I was thinking the same thing as Frank. Not sure if you can for legal reasons, but if you could, that'd be great!

If not, I understand, and remember, there are people that have your back who blog themselves! ;)


Oh Scott, this is such sad news. And happy at the same time, since you're starting a whole new show. I've been following the show since the start and it has accompanied me while I was getting into photography. So a special thanks goes to you guys.
I knew of the end of the show from TPN where Cameron posted a note. This is because i never managed to find a link to subscribe via RSS to your blog. I now figured out that i could just use the the blog's main address. Maybe it's worth putting a link to the xml feed on the main page for dumb people like me :)
Good luck for the new podcast guys!

Scott Sherman

Thanks for the comments, all.

Frank and Jason: Michael and I discussed posting our farewell episode ourselves, but given the behavior of TPN, we're concerned about what actions they'll take if we make available something that is called an episode of The Digital Photography Show.

I suppose we could edit it, but, to protect ourselves to the degree that we think might be necessary, we'd probably have to cut it into insensibility.

The situation is really unfortunate, but we are probably better off just moving forward.

Steven H - those are our thoughts exactly!

Mau: I don't know how to add an xml feed. This is a Typepad account and I don't see that feature listed. You'd think a major blogging platform like Typepad would establish a feed link by default, but they don't. Anyone know if there's a configuration option in Typepad that adds the feed address?

Dan Davies seems to work as a feed source for me.

Look forward to catching up with you guys in your new home.


Mike Smith

Hey Scott,

I wish you and Michael all the best in the future. I did post a link to this blog on the Digital Photography Show blog on the TPN site so hopefully others will find there way over here (if the post doesn't get deleted.)

Take care,


Looking forward to a rapid return of The Guys! Geert Jan (Netherlands)


I could have sworn I saw the title for Show 98 briefly appear in my RSS feed. So, let's assume for a moment that it did post briefly until the QC folks at TPN removed it.

In that case, for those of us with iTunes set to auto-download new episodes of podcasts, wouldn't it be in there? Under that pretext, what if one of us were to post our download on another outlet (with a different title, naturally...)?

Jamie Sanford

I think it is ridiculous that TPN reacted this way, given that I never would have heard of them if not for finding your show on iTunes. I think between getting the word out and also the Flickr group that many of us will find the new show, which I am really looking forward to.

Thanks for many great shows and I look forward to many more.


I hate that we all missed your last show, but I'm pleased you will have a new one soon! Looking forward to it. Also, glad to have this blog already in my rss feeds, so I can keep up to date!


Too bad for the ugliness at the end, but I can't say "corporate" ugliness is surprising. Unfortunately it is more the norm.

I have been listening since the beginning and look forward to more listening pleasure when the new show starts up. Hopefully this new format/ownership will allow you more freedom and independence to grow and develop as podcasters.

Bruce Taylor

Hi Scott

Having been a listener to The Digital Photography Show for the past two years, you can count on me to be a listener to your new Podcast. I will also put a link on my web site to help promote you. Good luck with the new podcast - I really hope to be listening to you soon, I really miss hearing the both of you, listening to the podcast is always a bright spot in my week.


Is there a mailing list we could join to know when the new podcast is available?


Looking forward to catching up with you guys after your reborn ;) I have absolutely fallen in love with your show and can't imagine not listening to it ;]
take care!!


Hi Scott and Michael,

Sorry to hear it all ended that way. Looking forward to your next show.

Have you kept your gmail account?



Agreed - between the Kelby's, Sammons, Westfall's, and other mentionables, don't forget all - for those of us unmentionables with our own voices, we can help too once the new one launches.

Get on your blogs and pimp it out! If you don't have one - start one - it's free at either Typepad or Wordpress or Google! Take your pick, and start posting about the downfall of corporate mentality on the blogosphere.

Then when Scott and Michael launch their new podcast, help them out with your blog posts...put it in Google news, Digg, ShareThis, Newsvine, and everything you can think of. Let's get a 95% transfer rate from TPN to where ever they land!

We're here for you Scott (and Michael)!!


Don't forget to get them to change the image for the show. I'm sure that you mentioned that you'd shot it and we can't have them using your images! Look forward to your new show.


Damn.....I will miss the show and await the new one. Good luck.


You need to set up an email list ASAP to let interested listeners in on updates without having to bookmark/bisit this site.

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