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October 29, 2008


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Mike Evces

Right on! So looking forward to the new show. And SO hoping that there won't be many new bells and whistles and features, because nothing can be better than the great chemistry of Scott and Michael, along with the interviews, which makes this my favorite oh-so-useful and entertaining podcast.

But first, the theme music.


Excellent. Looking forward to it!

Cooper Strange

I was not able to subscribe to your feed using the RSS button. I read all my feeds (blogs and podcasts) through Google Reader, but I think the problem is that I live in China. I could never go the Feedburner site. However, I was able to subscribe to Camera Dojo on the same network there, so I guess when Google finds you, I will be able to find your feed too. I will just wait a few days and try again.


Congrats to Scott and Michael! Can't wait to resume the podcast listening on my commutes (it's killing me to not hear your voices once a week!) Also glad you guys got to keep the theme music..looking forward to Episode #1!


Excellent stuff Scott & Michael! Bring on Episode #1!!!

Mike Smith

Welcome back Scott and Mike! I'm looking forward to your new show!




Jeeez dude. You took the sound effects, the format, the theme music, everything.



Congrats. Been a long time listener. Hopefully this podcast network is better than the last one. TPN seems to have had all kinds of problems including losing you guys.


I'm so glad you guys kept the theme music and it was great to hear your voices again! Looking forward to the next show!

Christopher Remley

I am very excited to see you are back! I was throughly disappointed when I read that you were not continuing on with the Digital Photography Show. But I am expecting some great things from this new podcast that you are doing now!


Great to see you guys back in business! Looking forward to more great shows!!


Well done guys! I like the new name (a bit of a teaser for TPN :) ).
I also like the new logo...nice and colourful.
Off to listen to Ep.0!


Oh, by the way, Michael, we are still waiting for the show **theme you promised to compose** back in Episode 2 or 3 of DPS !!!


Michael GW Stein

Hmmm. You remembered that eh?

I've got plenty of excuses. None that are great. It's one thing to play music. It is another to compose music, and yet another to record it. As I looked into doing this I learned that there is much to learn about music production like there is learning about photography. I've been choosing to focus on photography.

On the other hand, I'd still love to do it. Just don't hold your breath.



So cool that you're back guys! Congratulations. I had to smile all through episode 0. Thanks for your great work!


Great News and best of luck to the two of you!


Eheh. We'll take your excuse Micheal, it's pretty is more fun :)


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