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October 10, 2008


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too bad... I look forward to hearing what's next for you two!


Shocked and dismayed is all I can say! I've been following you for several months now, and I've gone back to listen to all the old broadcasts. You guys are great, and I will truly miss TDPS. Best of luck in your new venture, and please make sure you let us all know when you're back up and running!

Just curious, but why couldn't you morph the current DPS into a new form, instead of just stopping and then starting something new?


Scott-I am sad and disappointed, but I can't say I am totally surprised, given the sporadic and less frequent bursts of energy the show has had over the last few months. You and Michael are fantastic together, and I can likely speak for many, this format, and your show, are going to be very missed. Please come back soon, in what ever format you decide to embrace. Also sad that you didn't quite make it to 100 episodes!


Gregg Wood

Well, I was a faithful listener. Started about episode thirty-something. Listened to all back episodes. Thought the 'format' of interviews/give-aways/contests/prizes with big names like Rick Sammon & Scott Kelby & Wacom & ... And it started from day ONE.
Truly incredible. Exceptionally well done.
Planned. Executed. Boo-yah.

Then, one episode not too far back, "pod-fading" was mentioned and how that would never happen to TDPS. I heard the gunshot, saw the blood of the show flow, saw the smoking gun fall from your hand and I knew this day was close at hand.

Of course, the two could be totally unrelated but boy wasn't that some dramatic prose?

Success with the book, finite time, and a type-A personality forces one to choose carefully and I'm sure TPN was gettin' antsy.

Anyway, good luck, I'm sure you will do well in any endeavor.


OMG! I have enjoyed the show so much and really hope you can get the momentum going again with the new show. In any case, good luck to both of you. Scott, no matter what I hope we can still be friends!!!!
Best regards,
Leslie Granda-Hill


Oh NO!

I haven't heard the show yet - (for some reason my iTunes doesn't seem to be downloading it).

I am gutted.

Good luck with your new project - I'll be downloading it the moment it comes out. Not sure about listening to different hosts doing the old show - somehow it just won't be the same.


Scott and Michael we loved listening to you. Your humor and friendship was a lift for the day and added to the photography imformation.

Promise us that you will put together another show and will let us know where to hear you. Great combination!

Laurel Housden

What can I say guys..other than it's been an amazing ride. I've had so much fun hanging out with you both and learning from the show. Thanks for letting me in. As I look back at the last year and where I am now as a photographer...I could not have possibly done that without the informative guests and questions that you ask from TDPS. I am very proud of you both...and can't wait to hear the new show...remember...I am always your Queen!!!


Mike Despot

Scott and Michael, thank you both for your great work and all the hours of learning and laughing with you.
I will be waiting to here your new program, in the mean time I will be missing you both. Good luck and hope to here from your guys soon.

Paul Roberts

there's no show #98 in the feed, just this post


Hey Scott (and by extension, Michael). It's both sad and also not surprising that the show came to an end with you as hosts. The writing was definitely on the wall with the genesis of your blog here, and the extended gaps between shows. We all wait in anticipation of your next podcast, where we will be able to resume our weekly listening pleasure!

Best of luck, and we'll make sure to help with any word of mouth advertising that we can! (We meaning me of course as I can't speak for others...LOL!)

Michael Cortina

T R U S T - I'll believe this when I see it. You have lied (go back and listen to your shows) to your loyal fans and sponsors so much that I say why bother. Cameron at TPN will find hosts that have the passion and dedication you guys once had. I wish I could say I am excited by this news of a NEW show - only to have you disappoint once again! Shows like TWIP (This Week in Photography) have filled the void with great interviews and the latest in photography equipment and accessories info. Your lack of enthusiasm and the problems with TPN have allowed your loyal fans to move to other shows. The possibility of getting them back in the numbers you achieved with TDPS is not likely. Not even the great Scott Kelby pull this turn around off!!!

Brian will the last show hit the feed or not? Seems like if it was going to, it would have done so already. Too bad.


Very disappointed that the Digital Photo show is over. All good things must come to an end I guess, but I was hoping this show would continue. I teach digital photography in high school and found that the show was a great source of ideas and kept me current in the digital photo world. I have been a loyal listener since the early shows and looked forward to the almost weekly shot of photo news, humor, and information. You guys have great chemistry and obvious passion for digital photography. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and thanks for sharing your excitement for DP with us over the past couple of years.

Is show #98 ever going to be streamed? It isn't available through ITunes yet.

Thanks and a heartfelt goodbye.


OH SNAP! What a shock I was making my rounds this morning checking through some of the blogs I have faved and my jaw dropped when I read the news. I hope this was for the best and please keep us informed. You two have been a big part of my coming out of the digital photography closet and I have been a lurker(read but seldom post) and listener of the show for about the last 50 or so episodes.

Your show was always one of my favorites and your style of interviewing and playful banter were such a treat! Each new show was like opening a present from a good friend and will be sorely missed!!

Until next time...

a faithful listener!


Well, I'm happy and sad for you. On the one hand its too bad to end your long-running show, and your (presumably friendly, at least at one time) relationship with the TPN folks.

On the other hand it must be exciting to have a chance to start fresh, and change what you want to change. I'm looking forward to hearing what you come up with!

Scott Sherman

Hey all, Thanks for the incredibly nice notes. There's a reason you haven't been able to get out last show - check out my most recent post (the one before this one).

Scott R.

I have enjoyed your guys show for about a year now. You have helped me in my hobby many times over. I really liked the chemistry and tone of your show. There was always a little excitement when I saw that podcast downloading. Well I have to say though could definitely get a different vibe from the last episode when you announced that regular guest spot (hmmm). When it good though It was great. I always felt comfortable and trusted everything you both said and will follow you to the new show. Scott your interviewing skills are supurb and I hope that you continue doing those in the future.


What the heck happened? As a longtime fan of the show, I think it's incumbent on *someone* to explain.


Cameron from TPN says Episode 98 fails his high standards test. Won't air.

What the heck is going on here??!?!?!


I have listened to all your podcasts. They were great. Looking forward to the new one. Thanks.


Hi guys all the best with your new show I have listened to nearly all of your shows and enjoyed them.

Rich Talbot / Allstar Electronics

Scott & Michael , you will surely be missed out here on Long Island hope to see you again at the Javits Ctr N.Y. for the Photoexpo. We met there 2 yrs ago. I am now listening to some of your older shows and they still pack a punch ! Sorry you did not make the 100 show. Looking forward to your return best of luck to you both. Regards, Rich Talbot / Pres. Allstar Electronic Systems & Pres. of the Long Island Alarm Asso.

Bobby-digital photography

Digital photography has come a long way in a few years. Digital photography, as opposed to film photography.

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And most of all, thanks to all our listeners for sticking with us. What a great time we've had! You guys are the best, and we hope you all join us for our new show.

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