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October 30, 2008


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Come on Michael all the cool kids are doing it! Seriously though it doesn't take that much time, maybe 10 or 15 minutes a day to help build community. This is most important now that you've totally lost your DPS community and need to rebuild.



Not a chance you'll get M to twitter... If you do, I owe you a skullsplitter.



I'm trying to figure out how you found me on Twitter!....very resourceful, but scary!

Glad to have you guys back.


Consider thyselves twittered! :)


thank heavens for facebook! I've been following you on Twitter since before I knew the TPN thing had happened.

Sometimes I really miss not being online all the time, like I was in the US.

At least you know that those of us who are erratic listeners have found our way back to the fold. I've just started downloading the new show. At least this now explains why I was getting so irritated with iTunes for not updating the show! And I thought it was just a South Africa thing LOL.

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Awesome catch. Like the DOF!

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