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November 09, 2008


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Scott, these photos are fantastic. I wish I was closer to DC, I would surely stop and sign as well.

I also love to see different pictures of such recognizable landmarks such as the Washington Monument. It's amazing to see the different perspectives that people have.

Michael Cortina

In my next house purchase it will definitely have a reflection pool!!! Oh, and move from Las Vegas where fall colors are non-existent. Great job Scott.


Beautiful boys you have there, Scott. I love the photography. The close-ups and the landscapes. I especially love the drop demonstrating the ripple effect along the water in front of the Washington Monument. Nice symbolism. Love that your son is standing as straight as the Monument, looking very proud! Thanks for posting these. Yes we can!


Wonderful chance to go shooting Scott, thanks for sharing. On a personal note, I'm so glad to have you and Micheal back podcasting, I was sorely missing my weekly photog fix. Please keep up the great work, and I'll look forward to listening to you guys soon.

Beth Sutton

Scott, love the photos, I'm from DC, but far away... and as it turns out, a good friend signed my name to the card this weekend, so the pictures are even more meaningful! Thanks for posting.


These are wonderful photos, Scott. Such hope in the the faces of the crowd. I love the mixture of ages. The evening light on the monument and pool adds magic to the moment. You caught it all for those of us who live too far away to come.
Well done!

Lincoln Memorial Facts

Great photos of an amazing day. I'm trying to hold that day in my heart during these challenging times.

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Different levels of detail for different types of memory?

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