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November 05, 2008


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Thanks for finally giving a shout out to Oly cameras... I have the E3 and would put it up Canon or Nikon anyday. This is not my first DSLR, it is my third, all Olympus.. I thought about going mainstream with Canon but I just kept going back to Olympus. Great cameras, easy to use, great prices...It will take alot for me to ever switch.

Can't wait to hear you back on my Iphone.. I've missed having you as part of my commute.


Why do you hate Sony so much? What was the point of even mentioning them if you don't like them? You mentioned in a previous post about the CNET video of Sony A900 being slow. There have since been other real reviews of the camera with no such comments. Do you plan on commenting on any of those?

Scott Shermanff

M: I don't hate Sony or any other camera line. My advice as an enthusiast, however, is that people seriously consider the ubiquity of Canon and Nikon, though, as they make buying decisions.

There are more lenses, flashes, and other accessories made for C&N than for the other companies. If you take a training course, there's a 99% chance that your instructor will be using a Canon or Nikon. If you read a photography book that's not particular to any single camera, there's a 99% chance that any camera-specific instructions will be directed to C or N users. Every professional photographer I ever met used a Canon or Nikon. At this very moment, Adobe has a bunch of camera specific plug-ins that increase the utility of Lightroom and Adobe RAW, but guess what - the only cameras covered are Nikons and Canons.

That being said, I wrote and talked about the Sony A900 because it was a ground-breaking camera. Michael and I spoke on the show about how much we were looking forward to the camera, and we mentioned the speed and quality issues noted by CNET because they were important. I wrote about the new Olympus because it is similarly significant as a sign that other camera companies are expanding their lines. That's good news for everyone, as competition breeds innovation and value.

Michael and I are looking for enthusiasts who want to tell us on Digital Photography Life why they love their Sony, or Olympus, or Pentax or Sigma. Don't call me a hater - spread the love! Tell us why you've taken the road less traveled and maybe you'll convince some others to come along for the ride.

Kelly - you want to come on and tell us why you're sticking with Olympus? Send us an email at

If it's any consolation, on the first episode of Digital Photography Life, I talk about the good but not earthshaking reviews that Canon's new 50D has received, and I give my personal recommendation that buyers might want to consider sticking with the now-inexpensive 40D and spend the extra $400-$500 bucks on a better lens.

I really don't favor specific companies as much as I favor products that I think are good values for me, my friends, and my readers and listeners. The only side I'm on is yours.

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I just received my free camera strap. I am just a regular listener who filled out the simple form, and now I have it.

I can't believe how camera manufacturers skimp on the straps! I've had Pentax, Minolta, and Nikon straps, and they are all the same cheap design.

The SmugMug strap is much wider, stretches for those times when you jump/bounce, and it's padded. Everything you've heard on the podcast is completely true. They've invested some money in this promo, so if you don't mind a strap that says "SmugMug", I say go for it! The strap makes the camera seem to weigh much less than it actually does. Dunno why the camera companies are being so cheap. A quality strap could be a good selling point.

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