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November 26, 2008


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Joseph Hoetzl

Thank you for making my commute go by easier by listening to your show. The show has that early days of radio affect on me. I don't gather around my device, but I look forward to the show with anticipation like the kid in the movie "A Christmas Story" waiting for the Orphan Annie program.

Nevermind the fact that you posted this at 1:50AM!

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank you!

Now where is my decoder ring?

Matthew Trombley

Thank you guys for making Digital Photography Life the best podcast out there!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Adrienne in Hong Kong

I hadn't seen a podcast for a while, so decided to check your blog. Thank goodness I did and I have now subscribed to your new podcast. Glad to see that you haven't given it up. Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too! Thanks for all the efforts you two put into the shows.

James Walker

Yep, many thanks Scott and Michael for your great podcast. You must put a lot of work into the podcast and it is always a great show. One of those shows you never want to end!

Really big thanks from Germany

Freiburg, Germany

Bryen Ford

Happy TDay guys I'm looking forward to the hoilday show where you give out lots fo free stuff ( Hey Oprah has one you should too LOL)



But what if we died? I guess that begins yet another Buddah thread.

Hope everyone in the US had a great Turkey day. I was thankful to still have a job. Hopefully that lasts.


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