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November 17, 2008


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Alan B.

Funny. Price for the Target camera/card is now listed at $1000. I think I'll hold off for now;)


I clicked the link to the camera strap. What are we suppose to use for the account name if we don't have a smug mug account?


Someone messed up. I emailed smugmug about the free strap and got an automated reply saying that 'the deals sites' got ahold of this offer and (a) they're sold out and (b) have been so since late October.

I don't know when you recorded your interview, but someone on the podcast really should have been a little more on top of this, since I bet you're going to see a lot of disappointed people who were repeatedly told by you that they could get a free strap.


So glad you guys are back! Really enjoyed the TPN podcast before it's demise, but looks like you are back with an even better set-up and podcast! Keep up the great work!

Scott Sherman

Hey all,

Thanks for the nice comment, Chris.

Dave and David (are you sure you're not the same guy?), I think this is all straightened out. It was really exceptional of SmugMug to make this incredibly generous offer to our listeners; but it took a awhile for the system to be brought up to date.

Just enter "DPLife" where it asks for "account."

I just did and it worked for me - I got a message that said "Great! We'll try to ship your goodies as soon as possible!"

Will you - and anyone else - let me know if it works for you, too? I know the guys at SmugMug definitely want to get this right. Thanks!


Too bad this wasn't a few weeks earlier. I just signed up. :( Would this work if I were to renew now for next year?


I just requested the free DSLR Camera strap and it appeared to work fine, I also received the message that they would ship the goodies as soon as possible. Great show this week!

Rob Hooft


In the show you were saying you are not enthousiastic about camera backpacks. I understand the reasoning, but did you ever check the "Slingshot" products from Lowepro? I am using such a bag myself, and it gives a nice mix of benefits from both a regular bag and a backpack. See e.g.:,2034,4.htm

Rob Libby

Another great show. I look forward to you having Jeff Revel back on to talk about Photo walks. This is an area that i would like hear more about how to set it up, how it should be run and so on.
Thank you for getting SmugMug to give out goodies. I look forward to you contest for CS4.
Nice pictures also.
Cheers, Rob

Ralph Berrett aka FullMetalPhotographer

Well its about time you guys are back in the podcast sphere.
Glad to have you back.

I bought the Urban Disguise 50 about 3 weeks ago. With my work these days I have to shooting more business type and corporate types. So I am having to where suits. Well, a LowePro Photo Harness is not the best when I am shooting these type of people.
I also have a LowePro stealth backpack but it was to big and unprofessional looking. So I bought the Urban Disguise 50. I am surprised at how much I like it. I can fit my 15 inch MacBook Pro, Sony audio recorder, Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 Vr, Tokina 28-70mm f/2.8, Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8, Nikon SB800 Flash, Nikon D2x and Nikon D3.
I like the fact it looks like a professional travel bag and not a camera bag. It fits in great in the business environment.

Ps. I still blame Michael for me buying a D3. :) It is an awesome machine. I am glad I did it.

Scott R.

OMG! - As my daughter would say. I just got the full pro account on SmugMug for 50% off and that is cheap! Other companies might have little tricks in there when making such a generous discount, but not the Smug! When I was listening to the offer in the podcast I started getting real excited right then. I sure do appreciate you guys getting this to us. I sure really enjoyed the whole show you did! Keep up the great work.

Stewart from Australia

Hi Scott & Michael - Another great show. I signed up for the Camera strap and it seemed to work fine.

We have Target here in Australia but I'm pretty sure that they aren't doing the "camera is the gift certificate" promotion. Just as well, this reviewer wasn't too impressed ...

Can't wait for the CS4 competition!

Keep up the good work ...


Fakhra (UAE)

Great episod.
Enjoyed the interviews.
Keep up the great work

Bryen Ford

Great show. I was looking to move my web store to another host and after playing with Smugmug I'm hooked. Now I just need the time to pull everything over LOL..

Thanks for the great deal.


Enjoyed this episode a lot, i ran across Jeff's site when getting into photowalking. His efforts and those of Thomas Hawks, Sobleizer and Marc Silber gave me so much inspiration. Meanwhile i'm running a project on photowalking in the Munich-area together with a friend - you may check it out under - and guess what it turns out to be rather successful and SO MUCH FUN!
Thanks to you guys again for being a massive resource of inspiration to so many people!



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