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December 21, 2008


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I actually submitted a request for the strap when it was first announced, and just received it this week. MUCH nicer than the strap that came with the camera. Thanks to DPL and SmugMug!


I got my strap a week ago (only ordered it a short while back) and I really like how stretchy and forgiving it is. Very comfortable. Also less theft-inviting that the name of the camera in large letters.

Thanks Scott and Michael. Hope you have good Holiday and keep us posted with more podcasts and photos. Great stuff.

Daniel Ogren

Got mine yesterday, putting it on my camera today to shoot a couple basketball games. I am looking forward to it. It looks well connstructed and aloy more comfortable than the one that came with my D300. And best of all IT WAS FREE. SmugMug and DPLife rock. Thanks again !!! Dan (Fast_50)

Daniel Ogren

Just finished 4 hours of shooting. The SmugMug strap was much more comfortable. The elasticity takes a little getting used too. I kept thinking the cammera was falling. Once I got used to that it was awesome. If you still use the strap that came with your camera you are crazy.

Jim Harmer

Only took a week to get here. VERY nice strap. I love smugmug!


I hope everyone had a great Holiday! I had forgotten all about the SmugMug camera strap so I was a little surprised when I found it in my mailbox yesterday. I will be putting it on my camera today. It looks and feels very nice.

A big thanks to Michael, Scott and SmugMug for the new camera strap!


I received mine and actually use it as a strap for my monopod. Before I was using a rifle sling strap and wanted to use something that wasn't quite as imposing. The smugmug strap works great.

While I'm at it I'll give a plug for Smugmug's service. I have a pro account with them although it is mostly for sharing high school sports photos. I've order prints through them several times and have gotten quality prints and quick delivery. In my case the prints are made by a lab outside of Atlanta.


I finally put mine on and love it. I just wish I had waited a few weeks to sign up with smugmug and I could have saved a bunch of $$$ as well.

Still a great service and you have a great podcast as well.


My strap arrived here in Finland yesterday, January 28.
Thanks DPL and SmugMug!


is this offer still going ?

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actually when you buy a camera there was a strap on it for free, that's why you dont have to get one of this. or you can get it when you lost your camera strap.


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