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December 06, 2008


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I have a suggestion for future episodes: Spend just a few minutes explaining some feature of a digital camera. Explain it's use in a way that introduces the feature to a novice yet adds some information that might have been overlooked by more advanced users.

For instance:
The ISO adjustment button or menu selection.
1. Explain what ISO means.
2. Explain the circumstances where different settings might be used, when to use "auto".
3. Explain what happens when the wrong setting is used and how to correct it at home on the computer.

Other examples:
The aperture/shutter/auto/manual dial
The metering method button
The autofocus selection button
The release mode button
and so on.

If you write out a lesson plan and practice your lines the two of you could do a lot of teaching in just a few minutes.

Thanks for the show!


Walter Lewinski

You might want to take a look at the video just out over at David Ziser's site,

Recorded on 5DII, stills and Video, this might change you mind also.

Scott R.

As a recent owner of the 5dMarkII I have to say that the video feature is not the most user friendly thing I have ever run across. This idea that these guys just got a pre-production borrowed from a rep and made these super outstanding features has me baffled. I keep getting stuck with high iso settings I can't adjust, and need to keep it on a tripod to make it watchable. What I love about this camera though are the stills. I mean the high iso images even at 5000 are amazing!!!! I could only dream of doing that with my old camera. This more than makes up for a so so video tack on feature that everyone is crazy over.

MIchael S.

just wanted to let you know that your new shows are great :)


Just wanted to mention that you got a big shout out from Scott Kelby on the most recent episode of PhotoshopUserTV (164). That's huge! And keep up the good work.

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