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January 31, 2009


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Kevin Mullins Photography

A great interview with Laurel Scott - I really enjoyed it. There is a lot of talk at the moment about the economy (especially here in the UK), and how its a bad time to start a new business - personally, I think now is a great time as its an opportuntity to broker deals with suppliers, get the pricing right etc and as long as you have a business person mindset as well as a photographers then I'm sure it will be sucessful.


Great podcast. I think there is a large under/unserved market for family photography. I mostly do sports but get asked all the time about doing senior portraits and occasionally about on location family photos. It seems there is a niche in between the studios and the big box store photo departments. Laurel offered a lot of insights and the podcast was most helpful.

One beef and this is kind of a general beef, it seems to be that often when people talk Mac vs PC they aren't exactly doing it (excuse this expression), apples to apples. I mean if they are talking about a 17" Macbook pro vs a PC are they looking at a $2,800 PC or a $1,200 PC? That extra $$ can buy a lot of speed, maybe not in the OS but in the memory, vid cards, drives, etc.

Mark Brooks

Just started listening to your Podcast the other day.. (I've had an iPod for years, just never really got on the Podcast bandwagon... now I'm a junkie!) love it! Thanks for mentioning the free strap from Smugmug - I've had a Pro account with them for a few years now and have been VERY happy with their services, print quality and website. I've recently gotten into using Flickr as well, and Facebook (never enough web presence, right?).. so many great options are available for us now, it's crazy. Anyways.. thanks again for letting me know about the free camera strap from Smugmug.. I just put in my request.


I love your podcasts! I've been listening for a while now. Just heard this episode and the comment on stuff being "pants" made me laugh so much. I'm from the UK too and I totally understood what that meant. Do you know the phrase "dog's bollocks"? It means something that is really really cool (opposite of pants). For example "Lightroom 2.2 is the dog's bollocks and totally the opposite of Lightroom 1 which is a bit pants." This is the end of your UK/US cultural exchange programme.


Hey Scott and Mike!
I really enjoyed this show. Laurel had a great 'journey' into her business which I'm truly jealous of :)
Although I must make a small remark - after you guys have stopped doing podcasts with the previous carrier, I've forgotten 'bout you for a while (sorry bout that;] - but I've downloaded all the previous podcasts to be up to date) and Iwas very happy that you are back online, but - these commercials / adds of lensbaby or smugmug is very distracting ;/ I understand that in some way you benefit of this, but maybe try to change the formula of these announcements? in example play them on the beginning (as you do) or at the end of the show - but please not in the middle!
Sorry about these harsh words, but I felt you should know..
take care!

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