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February 11, 2009


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Cooper Strange

I received my free SmugMug strap and am coming to like it more and more. If my lens is a little heavy, I actually would develop headaches as a long day of shooting went on, but so far, the SmugMug strap's flexibility has kept that problem away.

The only issue I had with it is that the ends of the strap are a bit thin, which would not matter, except that it allowed the ends to keep slipping loose and flapping around instead of staying tight against the strap. I was able to triple fold the very end and force the plastic loops over it to make it stay still. It has not come undone in several days now. Silly, but I am not looking for frills, but a camera strap.

Thanks so much for those straps SmugMug and DPL. It came at the perfect time for me.


Just heard the new episode and wanted to say: I liked it a lot!
The interview with Steve Simon was great fun.
I watched the pictures on his webside and - this guy rocks!
Would be great if you could have him giving feedback on the pics in the contest.

Further I'd like to suggest another photographer for an interview: Steve McCurry ( In my eyes he is the ultimate travel photographer and check his portrait series ... incredible! We just had the first Steve McCurry retrospective in Germany which was gorgeous! He might be too popular to get him on the show (he received so many awards ...) but I think it's worth trying ...

Scott, Michael I love your podcast. I had some bad luck recently, but your guys made my day :-)

Kind regards from Germany



Gee Scott, can't believe you argued for 20 minutes about the D700 and 5Dmk2 dpreview scores on their features. Who cares? both cameras are awesome! you sound like one of those Nikon fanboys who talk more than they shoot.


*Nikon and Canon fanboys


I'm with Bii. Who cares about who got the better score. Who cares about video. It is a still camera, not a video camera. Stop whining just because you want you precious Canon to have the better score. Get a life.

And if I hear about those crappy Mac machines one more time I'm going to go postal. Can we please stick to photography.


Hi guys!
I just found you again and have been catching up on all of the shows. They make my 40 mile commute a little less boring.
I love the show, but do have one small complaint. In the opening of the show your audio is great, but when you switch to the actual show & interview, the audio is extremely low.
Keep up the great work & thanks for a great show!

Frank A

Whoever one the Lensbaby?


Ya who won that Lensbaby? and the photoshop CS4 or better yet where do we go to dicover the winners. Sometimes I am a little late uploading your show.


I always listen to the show and I think what you guys do is great. It's unfortunate that my first post will be a negative one. The interview with Steve Simon seemed to drag on too long without much content covered. I was hoping for some more insight and tips about how he does things but was sadly left wanting. I can usually tell how the show is by looking at your show notes/recap--the more detailed the notes the better the show. This week's notes are short. :-(

On a good note, I really enjoyed the interview with Laurel last week. :-)

There, a negative comment followed by a positive comment.

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