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February 18, 2009


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Kevin Mullins

That W700 laptop looks great Scott. I was looking at one before Christmas and seriously considered buying it. I think the price is good in comparison to the feature list but I just worry about all the things that could go wrong on a machine like that. Its a lot of faith in one machine....Kevin Mullins

Frank A

I'll ask again here .... Whoever one the Lensbaby?

Scott Sherman

Kevin, you are correct that a lot can go wrong on a machine like that. I will say that I've had Thinkpads before, though, and if you buy their extended warranty, they do repair them pretty quickly and with great diligence. They came to my house three times in a week with more parts trying to get my last machine working. I bought the onsite insurance, which wasn't cheap, but was worth it. But I always buy the extended warranties for laptops - they are just too vulnerable.

Frank, I thought I responded to you on the last show's notes, but I don't see my post. Lost in the tubes? Sorry. We're planning on announcing a bunch of winners on the next show - we want to surprise the winners while they're listening. If they're listening. They better be listening! Smile. Are you in the running for the Lensbaby? If so, good luck!

Frank A

Yes, I'm in the running! THANKS.


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