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March 08, 2009


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Any chance of putting a link to the show in the show notes so we can download it directly from the RSS feed or if it is there make it more obvious.


Scott - I've just finished listening to #13 and the conversation with Nicholas. It was great - I really felt like I learnt a lot from that. What a really knowledgable chap. I'm going to send a copy of his book to my ex-wife :-). Seriously good shout to get him on the podcast.


Great show and a nice twist on things to pull in ideas from outside the box! Always thinking outside the box for us, thanks Scott and Michael! (Woo hoo, li'l ole LDP got a quick shout out at the end too! :) )

Holly Sisson

Great show! I love reading those types of books so I will be picking up a copy, if nothing else it sounds like a great parenting resource (figuring out your child's type, working with that type) and one can never have too many of those! ;-)

Scott, heard you mention that the judging for the contest will be happening soon. I had a problem with my entries to the contest. I sent the first one, and then after a week (or so) sent in two more. However only one of the two showed up. I saw that, and resent the third one again, and it still never showed up. I see an empty/blank spot in the contest gallery and wonder if that is my entry. I wonder if we can figure out what went wrong, as I followed the exact seem email procedure for all the entries, so it doesn't happen again. I guess it is too late, at this point, to have my third entry included.

Frank A

Why never any shows anymore??? Seems they used to be more regular.

(Please, take this as a compliment!)

Alex Chaney

Hey, you've got to quit recommending stuff. Just kidding. I bought an Ex-Officio vest for a recent trip to Korea and it worked out great. As it turned out I didn't get to use it much for photography but for traveling it was super. The only problem is that there was so many pockets that I'd forget where I put something. As I write this I am downloading the audio version of the "90 Seconds" book and plan to purchase a copy for my teenage daughter who sometimes has a problem with opening up and making friends. Thanks for great shows, keep up the good work.

I've gotta have more cowbell!

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