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August 13, 2009


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Welcome back, guys. Good to hear you again.


4 months, not a word and all of a sudden what pops up on iTunes....???

You're back, I'm gone. Just forgot to delete you from iTunes.

Thomas Fitzgerald

Welcome back guys, we missed the show greatly!

Mike K. from Venice, CA

Welcome back you guys! You were very missed.


great news, welcome back. I'm very happy, I've missed you.

Roger Madsen

Finally! Welcome back!

Scott Sherman

Thanks for all the support!

CJ, sorry we've lost you. I regret that we were off the air for so long. I wish life didn't get complicated, and that I could promise perfection. Unfortunately, I suffered some setbacks, stresses and personal losses during the period we were off air.

Sometimes something's got to give. Since my full time job pays the bills and since my kids came with a no-deposit, no-return, policy, Digital Photography Life was the thing that had to be set aside for a bit. But we're back now, and for those of you who've can - and will - stick with us, we appreciate your understanding, support and kindness.

Nik Zakirin

I literally jumped up with joy this morning when I heard the news that you guys are back. I'm here to stay. Looking forward to the many episodes to come from you guys :)

Steve Trent

Hey, your back. What a great surprise. I had not given up and stayed subscribed. I love the style of the show you guys are the best. Good luck.


You guys are the most fun to listen to AND I always learn something new.
Glad to have you back, you offer something special as fans rather than pros.


Can't help agreeing with billg. (It wasn't CJ that left, Scott.) Thought I'd already unsubscribed in iTunes but there you were again. So I thought I'd at least give it another chance – who knows, perhaps you'd improved, i.e. prepared better and knew what you were talking about? But no, more of the same – not really thought out, not really well prepared, comments about online services that are apparently better than Mozy but whose name you can't even remember and so on and on... So this time I'll be making sure I hit that unsubscribe button properly. Click!....


On Friday morning, the day of your return I was sitting on the bus on my way to work listening to a substitute Podcast, wondering what happened to you guys and if we would ever get to hear another episode of DPL. It was with great joy I saw my RSS feed of 'Friends of DPL' display 'They're Back!' when I arrived at work :-)
I haven't had a chance to listen to the new episode yet, so I don't know if anything has changed. But based on Steve's comment above should things be as the used to. What a relief! :-)
And I can confirm Nik Z. was jumping of joy when he found out you're back, as I was the one who told him ;-)


Welcome back guys.. I had been wondering if my itunes had just stopped updating or what had happened with ya'll.... But definatley glad your back and looking forward to more :-)


Ir's good to hear the show again, welcome back to podcasting.

Roberto Miranda

One of the first Photography podcasts I ever
listened to, and now you're back!

norm roach

So glad you are back and sorry for whatever the personal issues that prevented you from producing the podcasts for so long...HOWEVER..
I think what was so frustrating (and worrying) to many of your fans is that while you were gone you gave no explanation whatsoever for your long absents. No personal details were required.. just some kind of statement that you would be absent for a while. It was like you just disappeared. I frankly, wondered whether something had happened to one of you.

Miah Ruesch

Feels so good to hear your voices again, thanks for continuing the show, I'm listening to episode 15 right now!

Sebastian Kennerknecht

Welcome back guys. It's nice to hear your voices again. I hope your problems resolved themselves in the best manner possible.

One thing that I don't understand is why people feel the need to complain or tell you that they are unsubscribing. If you don't like the show, stop listening and keep your mouth shut. What good are you doing by telling someone else that you don't agree with them and then leave? Especially when the reason you had paused podcasting were problems, do you really want to come back and hear people say: your show sucks!.... I don't think so. People need to learn how to be a little bit more respectful and positive.

Anyway, love the show, especially now,

Joe Smith

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