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September 21, 2009


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Alex Chaney

I'll throw in my experience with the enelope batteries. I shoot a Nikon D300 with 8 enelopes in the MB-D10 grip. I regularly get 1,000+ shots between charges and even at that I am charging before necessary. For example, I shot a football game last Friday night and will use those same batteries to shoot volleyball tomorrow night..should be around 1,0000 shots total. For football the camera is on for about 4 hours and there is a lot more autofocusing going on at times when I'm looking through the viewfinder but don't actuate the shutter. For football that battery power is driving an old Nikon 80-200mm screw focus lens so it is pushing some weight. We've come a long way with power consumption in cameras. My 2-megapixel pocket sized Minolta from 2004 would eat a pair of batteries in less than 100 shots.

I also have the R-strap...the RS-4 or something like that. It really comes in handy on those long nights with a 2.8 200mm zoom mounted.

One last thing. I'd recommend you interview the folks at sometimes. I've rented from them a couple of times and they have given super service. It is nice for an enthusiast such as myself to be able to rent lens that are out of my budget range.

Great show guys.

Jay Olson-Goude

Love the show, but could you equalize the levels between the "commercial breaks" and the rest of the show? The breaks are way too loud. Thanks!


Hi, as a "new" user to your show (since episode 7), I sincerely hope that you will start to increase your rate of podcast publishing!
I have gone through all your shows from "DP Life" as well as the ones I've found from "DP Show" just to sit here with all the signs of redrawal syndrome just because you "never" publish a new episode!! ;-)

Last one was the 21st of September! Come on guys! We need some more DP Life Shows!!



Hi, I have subscribed to your blogs and podcast Digital Photography Life. Whats the newest podcast that you have up and how often do you update the podcast?


Here we go again...another long hiatus (I don't even know if I spelled that right). How about a 30 second spot telling us when you are coming back?

Bye Bye

Bye bye guys, you were great back in your day. Although I do agree with some of the iTunes reviews that Scott was sometimes rude to Michael and guests. I still had fun listening to the podcast way back when.

Phil Morris

I've been wondering if your podcast is coming back. Your podcast is one of the reasons I started mine on weekly photography tips. I hope everything is alright and you have been just too busy to get the next podcast out.

Alex Chaney

I wish you guys would come back. I just haven't found a podcast that fills the same niche. I listen to Photofocus and it is good but Scott Bourne is always answering some question with an answer that involves buying high end gear...recently a guy with a new Canon XSi asked about a tripod and immediately Bourne is recommending carbon fiber legs and a Arca-Swiss head...way out of touch with reality of most of us. Cameradojo is good but more pro or at least semi-pro oriented. You guys were the best for the enthusiast and you are missed. Heck, at least do a farewell show.


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Great Blog, Dude! Admitedly I’m a digital camera nut and am constantly on the lookout for new and interesting sites and posts about interesting ways to use the cameras I have and make me a better photographer… which is what led me here. At any rate I just wanted to check in as I certainly plan on visiting again! Cheers!


Well Scott, it has been about 8 months now since the last podcast and, IMO, there is still not a show out there to take the place of the Digital Photography Show/Digital Photography Life. You and Micheal are missed. I don't guess you even come here anymore to read this but I wanted to say it anyway.

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